Algerian Educators

Conference Organizing Committee

General Chairs

  • Responsible for the selection of the conference location,
  • Negotiate accommodation and meals’ fee,
  • Hold face-to-face and video-conferencing meetings with the planning team
  • Discuss and make decision with the planning team about registration fee proceedings
  • Make decision about the date, budget, program...
  • Run the overall technical content of the conference…

Finance Chairs and Treasurers + Registration Committee

  • Responsible for registration fee / registration and money transfer
  • Plan and run conference registration
  • Responsible for attendees’ registration during their arrival
  • Responsible for submitting letter of confirmation to attendees

Program Chairs

  • Ensure that a well-balanced, high quality program is organized and presented at the conference
  • Assist in the scheduling of session rooms

Publication Chairs +  Local Arragement Committee 

  • Responsible for the coordination of production of conference content
  • Collecting workshops’ articles for the Media Specialist to be published in ELT Algeria Conference website
  • Work with the venue staff
  • Responsible for local logistic
  • Responsible for providing support to attendees

Publicity and Media specialists

  • Design ELT Algeria Conference website
  • Responsible for announcements and updates
  • Responsible for copying and editing publications
  • Plan video-conferences for the organizing Committee