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Sports Ethics

Part One: Reading                                                                                                                    (14points)                                                                                                                                        

A / Comprehension                                                                                                                    (07points)                                                                                                                                       

                  Read the text carefully then do the activities.

       Athletes considering the use of performance-enhancing drugs at London 2012 were warned that they would be confronted to the most advanced and comprehensive anti-doping procedures in Olympic history.

        Professor David Cowan, the Games’ chief drugs scientist, revealed in a press conference that the London Olympics would feature around 5,000 separate urine and blood samples – eclipsing the previous high number of 4,770 at the Beijing Games in 2008. He added saying that all Olympic medalists would be tested as a matter of routine.

     It is understood that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) testing was particularly sensitive in London. Currently, HGH can only be detected if it has been used a few days prior to the test. Advancement in bio-marker technology shows up even if the abuse takes place weeks before the test.

    Cowan admitted that it would be impossible to guarantee a “drug-free” Games, but was confident that none of the previous competitions would be able to match London for the vigour and scope of the dope testing.

       In a closing press conference, Cowan, the director of King’s College drug control centre which ran the Olympic drug testing programme confirmed that the testing for the Games had the benefit of four more years of advancement in science.  He also affirmed that new medical technology made the detection super-fast and more successful.

     So, thanks to new technologies and discoveries in science and precisely in science-pharmacy, ethics in sports will be respected and athletes will never think of cheating by using performance- enhancing drugs. They will rather think of competing in a climate of friendship, ethical standards and moral values which will strengthen the tie between people of different languages, cultures and races. It is only on these principles that we can educate the new generation who will make the difference and live in a better world, a world far from unethical and immoral behaviour.

By Jacquelyn Magnay, Olympics Editor

1.      Are these statements true or false?

a)      Cowan said that the number of tested athletes in London Olympics would be more than 4,770.

b)      Cowan guaranteed the 100% ‘drug-free’ Olympics.

c)      The King’s College drug control centre is responsible for the Olympic drug testing programme.

d) Advancement in sciences could reduce unethical behaviour in sports.

2.      a) In which paragraph is David Cowan’s everyday job mentioned?

b) In which paragraph are the vitality and capacity of the new doping test mentioned?


3.      Answer the following questions according to the text.

a)  What kind of warning was given to the London 2012 Olympics athletes?

b) What made the London 2012 testing more efficient than the previous ones?

c)  What are some of the sports principles mentioned in the text?

d) What does the writer suggest for a better future world?


      4. Who or what do the underlined words in the text refer to?

                a) the abuse (§3)     b) which (§5)            c) They (§6)       d) who (§6)     


5.      Give a title to the text.


B) Text Exploration                  (07 pts)                                                                                                                           

1. Find in the text words closest in meaning to the following:

           a) examined (§2)   b)  progress (§3)             c)    preceding (§4)       finding (§5)          


2.  Complete the following chart as shown in the example.





      Example :

to educate




 to compete



















3. Complete sentence (B) so that it means the same as sentence (A).

A) Professor David Cowan said that new technology made the detection super-fast.

B) Professor David Cowan said, “…………………………………………. .”


A)    “We must severely ban the use of performance- enhancing drugs,” many drugs scientists affirmed.

B)    Many drugs scientists affirmed that the use of performance- enhancing drugs……………


A)    “I took drugs to cheat in sporting competitions and now I regret it,” said Lance Armstrong.

B)    “I wish I ……………………………………………….,” said Lance Armstrong


4. Classify the following words according to the stressed syllable.

                                competition- benefit –olympics  - education

1st syllable

2nd syllable

3rd syllable

4th syllable






5. Reorder the following statements to make a coherent paragraph.

a)      the best athletes from around the world compete for just three medals and huge

sums of money

b)       International competition is intense:

c)      sometimes the lust for success provokes the shattering

d)     Yet while such rivalry often inspires perseverance and dedication,

e)      of moral codes, a destruction of ethics.

Part Two: Written Expression                                                                     (06 points)


Choose ONE of the following topics:


Topic One. People today do not respect moral values.

 Write a composition of about 150 to 200 words showing the effects of corruption in sports.

                    The following questions might prove helpful.

-          Why are sportsmen becoming corrupt?

-          What are the effects of their unethical behaviour?

-          What should be done to eradicate this kind of behaviour?


Topic Two. Write a composition of about 150 to 200 words on the following topic:

                     It is said that the right education raises students’ awareness about ethical standards and moral values. Say how, and give examples.


By ELT@lgeria 






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