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Global Warming

Part1: Reading                                                                                                (14points)

A.Comprehension                                                                                             (7 points)

Read the passage carefully then do the activities.


A United Nations committee on climate change has said we can control global warming. The panel, made up of representatives from over 120 countries, believes we can limit the harm greenhouse gases do to the atmosphere. Its report concluded that the environmental problems would not happen if we used technology and the right strategies to protect the ozone layer. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the panel, told reporters in Bangkok that the study was a “remarkable step forward”. The panel indicated that we can keep our Earth safe by changing the way we use energy around the world. Most important is to introduce more fuel-efficient vehicles and household goods. For this to happen, individuals need to change their lifestyles and spending patterns. Why not planting trees every year? Why not using bicycles or making a habit to walk down town short distances and contribute to reduction of air pollution? How about reducing the use of electricity at home? How about the wastage and the excessive use of water while other people in the world are starving and even dying because of drought?

Report co-author Peter Smith said: “We can go a long way to addressing this problem at relatively low costs with a range of options.” He calculated that it would cost less than three percent of world economic output by 2030. He added: “We've got a big problem on our hands.” The “big problem” is the damage rising temperatures are doing to the Earth. Increased floods, droughts, rising sea levels, more violent and destructive storms and extinctions of species are just a few things threatening the life of our planet.” The report stressed the urgent need for introducing a wide variety of clean technologies. Harlan Watson, head of the U.S. team, warned: “If we continue to do what we are doing, then we are in deep trouble.”

It is time for those people who have closed their ears and eyes to the fact that they don’t have to limit their economic activity or introduce expensive pollution controls. This is the one of the reasons America has not signed the Kyoto Treaty of climate change. The US government prefers to believe global warming is a natural phenomenon, caused by volcanoes and solar energy. Professor Tim Barnett concluded: “the environment is suffering from the selfish reasons and actions of human beings. Let’s feel concerned and save the Earth. Let’s raise environmental consciousness as soon as possible. Let’s have a better, healthier and safer life.”

UNESCO Courier 2011


1.      Are the following statements true or false? Correct the false ones.

a)      The meeting on climate change took place in Japan.

b)      Using bicycle and walking short distances could reduce air pollution.

c)      Peter Smith warned of the damage caused by rising temperatures.

d)     Harlan Watson is one of those who claim that global warming is a natural phenomenon.


2.      Answer the following questions according to the text.

a)      What did the report suggest to protect the ozone layer?

b)      What makes the difference between developed and developing countries in terms of water use?

c)      What are the problems that threaten the balance of our environment?

d)     What does Professor Tim Barnett mean by, ’the environment is suffering from the selfish reasons and actions of human beings.


3.      What or who do the underlined words in the text refer to?

a)        Its  (§1) -     b) their (§3)

4.      Choose the right answer.

The text is about:

a) Controlling global warming.  b) The damage caused by Man     c) Environmental problems


B.   Text Exploration         (7points)                                                                                             

1.   Find in the text words whose definitions follow:

a)      a period of dry weather (§1)

b)     harm that reduces value or usefulness (§2)

c)      concerned primarily with one’s interests and benefits (§3)


2.   Find in the text words closest in meaning to the following:

a)      to preserve  (§1)               b) menacing (§2)           c) awareness (§3)


3.                Which nouns can be derived from the following words?    

a)      safe    b)  destructive  c) deep    d) to warn


4.   Complete sentence (b) so that it means the same as sentence (a).

a)      It is said that life in the past was better than today.

b)      It is said that life today ……………………………

a)      Why don’t you plant trees every year?

b)      You …………………………………

a)      Because Man does not care any more, the balance of his environment is threatened.

b)      If Man cares more, the balance of his environment ………………………………..

a)      America has not signed the Kyoto Treaty of Climate Change.

b)      The Kyoto Treaty of Climate Change ………………………..

a)      “Did you try to raise people’s environmental consciousness?” he asked me.

b)      He asked ………………………………………………….


5.      Fill in the gaps so that the passage makes sense.

A finding from a new study proves that global warming is …1… by human activity, and not by natural environmental factors. Researchers …2… found clear evidence of human-produced warming in the world’s oceans that is likely to impact …3… resources in regions around the globe. This …4… removes much of the uncertainty associated with debates about global warming.

6.      Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their final ‘S’.

                damages- studies-reduces- reasons-keeps - destroys









Part2. Written Expression.                                                                          (6points)

  Choose ONE of the following topics.

Either  topic1.

   Imagine you are a journalist who attended the Kyoto Summit on Climate Change.

Write a report on the different issues discussed and the suggestions made by the participants.


Or topic 2.

       Write a composition of about 100 words on the following topic.


      What kind of campaign could you lead to raise people’s environmental consciousness? Give examples.


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