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My Identity, Your Identity Project

Since we resumed school in September, I have engaged my students of second year foreign languages stream in a classroom project. The latter  is related to the teaching unit of ‘Diversity’ that fits the iEARN project “ My Identity, Your Identity” in collaboration with my colleagues and their students from around the world including the USA, Romania, Oman, Taiwan, Cameroon,  Indonesia, Mexico, Senegal, Pakistan, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen and Belarus.

During the whole 1st term, I was impressed by my students’ motivation and engagement. Each group chose a topic including: Historical monuments, Celebrations, Traditional food, traditional clothes and the various music of our beloved country.

 I was very happy to see my students so interested in using technology to complete their projects. During a project workshop that I organized in a library, all groups had their laptops and learned with me how to prepare a power point presentation. As they already had their photos, texts and videos, I was very pleased to see them building their projects both outside and inside the classroom.

The class was divided into 5 groups to work on different topics as follows:

  • Group 1: Historical monuments: 
  • Group 2:  Celebrations: 
  • Group 3: Traditional Food
  • Group 4: Traditional Clothes
  • Group 5: Music

During the realization phase, students demonstrated great technological, collaboration, and critical thinking skills as they kept improving the content of their project and their presentation till they achieved their project. They always showed great recognition of their classmates’ works and they were proud of what they learned and realized.

This project also helped students to deepen their understanding of their own culture, they were so excited and proud of their work that they requested me to invite their teachers of the other subjects.

The project presentation took place on Tuesday the 20 of January, indeed the work started early in the morning by 6 am at each student's home, as the girls woke up to prepare the meals they had decided to present and then they came to school at 9 am though they did not have class, but they prefered to bring their costumes and organize the presentation room. By 10 they had French Class, and left back home at 11 to cook the meals they had prepared in the morning.

What impressed me was to see that the girls did not rely on their mothers to finish the work in the kitchen, but they did it and brought the meals hot at 1 pm. This is one of the benefits of PBL: Responsibility.

 At the end of the presentation students were very happy and satisfied especially after the feedback given by their teacher of French whom they invited, and who was impressed by the students'ivolvement in bringing the Algerian culture to the English class through the variety of food they cooked, their wonderful costumes and way of presenting their projects. 

After working hard with my students in class at our high school, I was proud to act as a country coordinator of iEARN@lgeria and offer them certificates of the completion of their project. 

After the project prsentation students wrote their feedback and here are samples:


 Marwa Serrari,

As I was new to the whole school I was  scared to start the project with my classmates.

But through time I became more confident as I met great friends who are as follows:

Zakia Kehli: I call her our leader, she really deserves this nickname because she worked hader than us all.

Amel Kechemir: she is the kindest girl I ever met, she welcomed us in her house and she is really a helpful person.

I also met Khadidja Haddadi: well, this girl I can only describe her in one word "shy".

So we were a successful group who worked hard. Actually I faced a problem which is: I forgot some words of my speech, but the most important thing that I liked about the project is " Teamwork" 


Zakia Kehli:

To be  honest with you, at the beginning of the project I was not sure in which group I wanted to be, so I joined the music group but I made up my mind and I joined the celebration group, In that group, I worked with three classmates: Amel, Marwa and Khadidja. We became best friends. When we started working, each one of us chose a topic and started working on it. 

Every two weeks, we met in a project workshop in order to share and put our work together. At the end we went to Amel's home and took photos wearing traditional clothes. 

In all that, I loved working with my partners, that was probably the best thing that I enjoyed. We also learnt new things about our beloved country Algeria.

The presentation day was really stressful but at the same time exciting, we went to school at 9:00 am in order to decorate the place where we were going to present. And in the afternoon, we went back to school for the presentation.

The groups presented one after another, and all of us did a great job. 


Amel kechemir:

Our project taught me a lot about friendship, perseverance and most of all to never give up when the situation worsens and that we can enjoy ourselves while working together. I have also gained more knowledge about the topic I chose.

I did not face many problems except when a member left the group because she had changed the school.

I also felt stressed while presenting the project because I felt I would forget my text and miss everything, but I realized that I was not the only one to have that feeling.

What I liked the most about our project was the funny moments I spent with my team members and on the presentation day too, seeing pupils confident while presenting cheered me up.

Honestly, I would change nothing in my project, because Marwa, Zakia and Khadidja did a great job especially Zakia who led everything. 


 Khadidja Heddadi,

We worked seriously during this project, we had fun while working side by side.Thanks to the project, I learned to work in group and understand my friends. This will be a nice memory of my 2nd year at high school. 




iEARN@lgeria Project Story 

Reported by Miss.Kheira Mezough

From Hammou Boutlelis High School.

January 2015. 

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