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Mental Toughness and how it can help you & your students succeed!

On behalf of our inspector; Mr.Louznadji and my colleagues I would like to thank Ms.Leila,Rezaiguia for the inspiring, outstanding ,engaging and constructive moments. You produced a positive energy through your presentation. In fact you enable us to view the world through a mental attitude.

Right from the beginning we get involved in attitude and its impact on our performance, vision and relationships within us and the others. We discover that perpetual negative thought can lead to self-confidence loss and self defeating behaviors. Whenever we feel depressed, frustrated or unmotivated, we will hinder our control and confidence.
We need to train our minds to look for a change, “a catalyst” to stand up and continue moving. Our happiness is linked to our positive attitude, our strong desire to change, perseverance, resilience and goals. According to Arthur C. Clarke, “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”.
As Ms.Leila .Rezaiguia points out” Keep away from people who want to belittle you, do not empower others, control your emotions.”That’s very true we realize that it’s not what happens to us that matters but how we choose to respond.
Nelson Mandela has written extensively on how visualization helped him maintain a positive attitude while being imprisoned for 27 years. “I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do,”
I believe in the opportunities offered to us to build a path of success. We end up the presentation, high-spirited, motivated and ready to set definite goals.Once more I want to say your enthusiasm's contagious and we hope to learn more.Thank you again for your contribution.
To our inspector, I would like to say thank you for sharing with us such a memorable day.
Hammou Boutlelis High School,
Oran , Algeria.
                                                                                                               February 24, 2015.
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 Fatiha Guitane: 

Thank you so much for this amazing workshop on Mental Thoughness. So constructive that I have to change to realize my dreams!


Faiza Maatougui

Very interesting and enjoyable. Feel more confident Proud to be a teacher and thanks to all who believe in me. I have the 4 Cs stated by Leila in her workshop. My eternal gratitude to Mr Louznadji 


Habib Errazem

It was a great moment sharing with you your experience. You are the achievement itself! Thank you 


Chahraed Bougheddou

Miss Rezaiguia is such a positive and energetic person that she makes us not only grasp what she says about mental toughness, but live and feel everything she says. Such a nice workshop is worth being attended.


Nacéra Bessaim

Very interesting indeed. I appreciate very much the way Miss Leila Rezaiguia presented her work? With great sympathy and kindness, she gave a clear idea about mental toughness.This workshop is an opportunity for us to change, to embrace positivity and think of achievements.


Karima Titbrit

I learnt a lot and especially about positive attitude. Hoping to have another workshop with Leila Rezaiguia. I need thsi kind of theme to improve my vision about life which is not always positive!


Rachida Bougara

Very interesting and extremely exciting! I appreciate every second of the workshop. I learned to dig deep inside myself and found out all my potential. Thanks indeed Leila.


Louiza Lakel

"A Great Expectation" is what I can say. I have kept thinking about the topic of the workshop since I received the notification. It was fruitful, helpful and relaxing. We need to have this kind of workshop every six months.


Henni Meriem

It was really interesting. I appreciate a lot the way she presented the workshop. We learn a lot about how to achieve our aims and never give up. Thanks a lot for the gift, Leila.


Zoubida Benyacoub

It was a great pleasure to attend this workshop. I learned a lot because in my case I lack the interpersonal confidence, but I felt that I am ready to challenge myself from now on. So thank you so much Leila Rezaiguia

Malika Alleb

very interesting, energizing, just at the moment we need it more!


Nadira Meghfour

I enjoy myself today. I want to thank both Mr Louznadji and Miss Rezaiguia for this punch of self confidence that we lack sometimes. I learned a lot and prommise to use this method of coaching with my students to boost their energy towards learning and success.


Louiza Sellami

The workshop is the key to overcome our negative views. Thanks to this workshop we are going to change, I am going to change anyway. Millions of thanks to our inspection for this great opportunity to attend such an amazing working with an amazing coach, leila rezaiguia


Nacera Sahraoui

I can't find words to describe the wonderful experience we all lived during the workshop, more than, we discovered ourselves. Thank you Leila, thank you Mr Louznadji, I am proud of both of you.


Zaoui kada

being there is itself a great gift. NO one can make limites to your ambition unless you allow him to do so ....thanks my GURU Loudznaji and big thanks to you LEILA


Nabila Lahreche

I didn`t attend the meeting ,but I can tell you,with my humble experience, I have always been positive in my thinking ,in my way of teaching, and I urge my studentsto be so so as to do feel confident in themselves. Once more thank you Mr Louznadji and all the team of Oran. You are really doing a great job to facilitate teaching English in our country.



Being positive can spur learning.In my turn,I quote N.Mandela"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.'.Being negative kills creativity and progress.


A participant
we felt all concerned, we knew about it during the break! Though mentally tough, I have had very hard moments in my life (two years of depression...) I went down and down, deeply down.

Thank you Mr Lounadji for giving me a helping hand, for supporting me, for being present as a peson who cares. My burnout, sadness and sorrow could be worse. Again, you invited me this therapy workshop. I promise to myself and my children to come back to review my attitude and behavior. Thank you Leila for helping me to rebuild my mental toughness


Kheira Nadia Mezough

Dear Leila, Your workshop came on the right time. I felt concerned right from the beginning then I was deeply moved all along the workshop. I truly felt it was about me and not my students, colleagues, friends or relatives. It is really worth attending such a workshop. We all have ups and downs in our life, and the common advice we receive is to see a psychologist, true that it can be helpful, but I generally travel or have a spa day, however there is nothing better than the Mental Toughness workshop to overcome the challenges we face everyday. Besides this, you filled us with your amazing energy, highly positive attitude, deep smile and professionalism. Of course, I stand in awe of Mr.louznadji, our teacher,supervisor, partner, brother and father, who is so generous that he shared such an experience with us. My heartfelt gratitude is extended to both of you Leila and Mr.louznadji, may god bless you for Algeria. 







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