Algerian Educators

My own experience with attending conferences in my 35 years in the field of education is great. It has given me the sense that I have expanded my existing knowledge and gained a renewed sense of excitement about teaching, teacher training and my own professional development.

Attending conferences has always filled my heart with a big joy because I like the atmosphere of the events; keynotes, speakers, plenary and roundtable sessions, interactive workshops, discussions, cultural nights/excursions, exhibitions… and have enough time to connect with old and new friends. As an educator, I would say that I am always ready to find a new way of dealing with particular teaching issues and being updated with the latest teaching approaches. In conferences, you can also personalize your own learning since there is a diversity of sessions to attend. In fact, my commitment to lifelong learning helps me feel thirsty and trusty to conferences’ themes’ and contents’ newness. I highly appreciate the value and necessity of lifelong learning.

Another key advantage of conferences is the opportunity to meet new people. These like-minded people are all seeking for new contacts with whom they want to share experiences and establish friendship.In iEARN Conference in Doha, Qatar, I had the chance to meet remarkable people with different cultures and dispositions. The meetings enlighten my way of thinking in PBL. Socializing is also something one cannot deny since you can have good friends with whom you can collaborate in the future. 


Moreover, one cannot deny the great opportunity to visit the marketplace where a variety of vendors offers books, teaching materials and other products. There is always something new to discover and buy in these places.

 In iEARN International Conference in Winchester, Virginia, I had the opportunity to deliver a workshop in front of colleagues from around the world. The presentation was about enhancing online course participants' motivation. The exchange of ideas on the target issue seeds the links for future virtual collaboration across the world. It  also helps me improve my way of facilitating online courses when getting feedback and constructive criticism. Read more...

Another very important benefit of attending conferences is the cultural excursions that host organization may offer. It is an exceptional experience that can open doors to a deeper understanding of authentic and historic places, and visiting universities, museums, inspiring monuments and memorials. In the last Winchester International Conference of iEARN and Youth Summit, we had  cultural excursions into the Shenandoah Valley and Washington, D.C.. We had the chance to visitplaces like Washignton Monument, Lincoln Memorial, National Geographic Museum, Madame Tussauds DC, the White House, the US Capitol Building... It was amazing!

As a conclusion, I would say that attending conferences helps me go back home with full of new ideas to share with the local ELT community. I am always excited to travel around the country, organize workshops for a great number of teachers. This is my new approach in attending conferences after 35 experience in the field of education. Supporting teachers remains a noble mission for me! Learning with the world remains the iEARN slogan that will open new horizons for future destinations around the world.

International conferences are priceless opportunities that help the attendees sharpen their saw by learning new skills in a different environment for future use!

Meeting you at iATEFL Manchester 2020!

M. Louznadji