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iEARN@lgeria Workshop at the American Corner Constantine

iEARN@lgeria is going further in the country. After many workshops in the west of Algeria and the capital city, Algiers, we were honored to deliver a faceto-face professional development workshop in Constantine, the capital city of the Arab culture.


 At the American Corner of Constantine, we were glad to meet Mrs.Hassiba Bendjaballah who hosted the event in collaboration with the University of Mohamed Mentouri under the supervision of Prof. Abdelhamid Djekoun, the Rector of the University of Brothers Mentouri , Constantine 1.

We were 32 educators including teachers and Inspectors from Constantine, Mila, Skikda, Setif and Jijel, in Addition to iEARN@lgeria trainers from Oran.


 The workshop objectives were to encourage teachers to engage in online professional development courses and involve their students in global collaborative projects. We tend to improve our ways of integrating Project Based Learning in the classroom and increasing opportunities of partnership with our peers nationwide




 All participants demonstrated great interest in iEARN Collaborative projects and wished to take part in the upcoming CSYN Online Course.


 “The most valuable aspect of the workshop was the fact that it made us know more about iEARN projects and inspired us to join iEARN@lgeria”,Said Mrs.Nora Laifa, INE in Skikda. Mr.Lazhar Ghazali, INE in Annaba, said that the workshop was so practical in sharing teachers’ experience while implementing global collaborative projects in class and bringing some novelty thanks to the suggested approach of Teachers Project Pedagogy that was suggested by our colleague, mr.Mustapha Louznadji, INE in Oran. That was the last workshop organized for the year 2015, but iEARN@lgeria will continue spreading the word about global collaboration, as the team is working on further partnership to keep the ball rolling all around the country and worldwide.

December 21st, 2015.

Miss.Kheira Mezough                 &              Mr.Mustapha Louznadji

iEARN@lgeria Country Coordinator              iEARN@lgeria Consultant


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 Noureddien CHEBLI: 
          Well done , keep it up!!!
          Saliha Belhacene: 
It was really a fruitful experience .Ihope such initiative will be kept up all over Algeria for more collaboration& partnership. 
 Mustafa Ben Boulaid High School, Constantine.
M.rs Nora Laifa: 
I was so delighted to be present and participate in iEARN collaborative projects,Iwitness that the workshop was of a big interest,I encourage inspectors as well as teachers and learners to engage in online professional development courses and in global collaborative projects,I,myself will invite teachers of my circonscription to be involved in that because of its importance and benefit. iEARN@lgeria contibutes to set efficient ways for learning , a good paternship and a mutual exchange with people all over the world.
Many thanks to Mr.Mustapha Louznadji and Miss Kheira Mezough for their efforts to make us know and get an idea about iEARN@lgeria through that valuable and successful workshop in Constantine on the 21st of December 20015. 
I.E.M Skikda 
Proud to see serious Algerian educators working together. i wish I were invited.
Fatiha Touafek 
I was so glad to attend that meeting. it was really interesting and so beneficial. We really need to share such experience and collaborate to improve our performance,motivate learners and enhance teaching English in our country.I have talked to my colleagues in my school about joining iEARN and they have liked the idea a lot.
 Ibn Ziad High School, Constantine. 







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