Algerian Educators

iEARN@lgeria National Event 2017

Workshops and project exhibitions were a productive and successful initiative of two full days program.

We were delighted to be part of this event and highly impressed by iEARN@lgeria outstanding achievements which wouldn't be a reality without the hard work of our facilitators Ms. Kheira Mezough and Mr. Mustapha Louznadji.

iEARN@lgeria dream comes true; I believe that gathering middle, high school teachers and inspectors from different parts of the country is a great challenge. There were participants from the North and South, East and west.

Astonishingly, some participants travelled more than nine hundred kilometers to attend the event!

The teachers were happy meeting at last one another face to face after five weeks of the BRIDGE Online Courses. It is the best opportunity that built the bridges between people from different cities and different generations. They could share, learn and exchange his experiences. 

Mr. Louznadji mentored an interactive session, while the participants could share their experiences and gave feedback about their virtual experience. Then he conducted an informative workshop about iEARN@lgeria achievements. We were overwhelmed by the work they have accomplished so far.

We highly appreciated the messages he conveyed while presenting; he focused on collaboration, on developing 21 st Century skills in our students as well as mutual respect, understanding of the other cultures and building partnership with peers from around the world.

On March 20, 2017, we were honored to attend project exhibitions where we witnessed  confident  high school students ( 14-18 years old )  demonstrating high capacity in public speaking and communication skills , expressing themselves through outstanding achievements reflecting their Identity and Civic Education. Two among the five themes of iEARN Global Collaboration projects.

Each project exhibition was evaluated by the membersof the jury namely; Mr Tahar Yahiaoui, the manager of Berlitz School, Algeria, Mrs Farida Derragui, a teacher of English and a former CSYN Onlne Course participant, Mr. Ammari Seddik, an inspector of English . 

The manager of Hotel Liberté, Mr. Affane as well Mrs. And Mr. Hakka, members of the parents’ association and the headteacher of Hamou Boutlelis high school were awarded a Medal of Merit for their constant support to iEARN@lgeria. After receiving their medal of ‘Outstanding Performance’, students of the three schools sang together a beautiful song dedicated to Algeria: “Algeria my Country”.

In the afternoon, the teachers were trained by Miss Mezough and prepared for the project practicum which would start on the day that followed the event. And very interesting worksheets were recommended by the facilitator to be implemented in the classroom.

The event was closed by giving certificates to all participants, and finally a feedback form was distributed to the participants to complete.
Finally, we have been fortunate enough to be part of this amazing initiative which ended up with a great Gala dinner. 

Hats off to iEARN@lgeria and BRIDGE Program Initiative for the organization of this amazing national event.

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by Lylia Yefsah

Second year student

at the Teacher Training College of Bouzareah ,

Algiers Algeria