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When iEARN@lgeria Builds BRIDGEs

This year, iEARN@lgeria has, one more time, successfully gathered BRIDGE teachers and educators from all over the country. The event was for two full days and took place at Liberté 4 Star Hotel in Oran on March 19th and 20th.

Thanks to Mr. Louznadji and Ms. Mezough, the organizers of this event, the program was interestingly varied.

On the first day, teachers and educators met at the hotel where they had lunch and socialized with one another. Then, Mr. Louznadji gave an outstanding presentation and workshops on “Enhancing Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development” that all participants enjoyed attending as they were both interactive and informative.

On the second day, students from three different high schools delivered their work, which consisted of two presentations, and an emotional outstanding play about the elderly houses, that made everyone burst into tears. The audience was completely mesmerized, from the very beginning, by the students’ talent for acting and public speaking, and gave the gifted performers and presenters spectacular standing ovations.

After lunch, Ms. Mezough gave a very informative presentation, regarding the BRIDGE online program, which was followed by a teleconference with BRIDGE program coordinators from iEARN USA, Jennifer Russel and Rachel Manley. That latter helped the participants ask their questions and interact live with the BRIDGE Program coordinators. Then, BRIDGE teachers from all around the country gave their presentations regarding the projects they are working on with their students. At the end of the presentations, certificates were handed over. 

This was, in the evening, followed by a Gala Dinner on the splendid terrace of Liberté Hotel with such an exquisite view of Oran. 

Personally, I was so impressed by the outstanding organization and the impeccable professionalism and support of both Mr. Louznadji and Ms. Mezough, who made everyone benefit from the event while feeling at home. This encouraged the participants to ask for extending the upcoming events to more than two days to benefit even more.

Fatma Zohra Zemouchi

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Samir Bounab ·Medea
It was really an amazing event where willing was mixed with perfection which gave an outstanding conference that allowed us discover talented learners presenting wonderful projects . Thank you and good luck for the next conference , why not an international event with iEARN@lgeria.
Saliha Belhacene - Mustapha Benboulaid High School , Constantine
The organization of the national event was at an extend of perfection.At first glance the enlightement of the presentations and workshops given by both Mr Mustapha Louznadji and Miss Kheira Mezough enhanced our trust in the event as educators. Moreoer ,the enjoyable state of mind bettered the enjoyment of a hearty meal eaten in a good company of a great audience. Hoping more advance for the future .Thanks
Mr.A.Bouafia, Inspector of National Education , Constantine. 
Honesly speaking, I was impressed by the professionalism of both Mr.Louznadji & Ms.Mezough at organizing and running such a national event. The event came to crown serious efforts made by the whole staff including participants and, much more important, students' involvement and engagement to fit with their teachers' expectations.
Any student in any given part of the country is able to come up with performances as we have witnessed & shared if given the same opportunities in their own classes. Thus, serious efforts are expected on the part of teachers who took part in the training to cascade or rather 'to impact' their colleagues. Such potential and ,even, competencies are existing in every class waiting for signals from teachers to engage and create. 
Personnally, as an inspector and a teachers' trainer, I was interested in those teachers' feedback about the training, steps undertaken, procedure and the expected project outcomes which would have fuelled some of the future in-service trainings to back up notions acquired. 
As professionals, teachers ought to be aware that working with projects is the right opportunity to reinvest some of the language students were exposed to and that might have magically absorbed, and not just to be carried away by the topic and the artistic presentation to impress an audience. Equally important, the aim is to help students get the most out of their education inside andnoutside the classroom
Again, congratulations to all of you for the GREAT work you are doing to improve students' language proficiency all over the country. For a second thought, why not thinking of organizing the next edition of the event in the south? To discover other talents and share with more people.
Thank you a thousand times for being able to give participants a feeling of warmth, lots of inspiration, opportunities for learning, and an idea about professional development
Mrs Nadia Hedad , Oran.
While reading these articles, l Was impressed by the professionalism of the work done and l wish to thank the team for the hard work and the seriousness which show off that English is well regarded and has a Considerable rank in the Algerian educational system, more, l am proud to hear that teaching English in my country is now known all over the world. Congratulations and thank you. I am so excited that l wish l could belong to this successful team.

Chahitelma Mohammed Abdelwaheb ,  Msila

I was not present in this event unfortunately,I hope I will be present in the future events of IEARN Algeria and I hope I can contribute positively to this event.

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