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Bloom's Taxonomy Based-Testing

Active, enthusiastic and innovative as usual three teacher trainers of English from Oran , Mrs Khettou  , Ms Serradj  and Mr Saha under the supervision of Mr Djellouli, Inspector of National Education (Oran west) with the collaboration of Mr Louznadji (Oran east) have shown again their high level of competency in organizing a new seminar for us. Indeed, we were nearly 70 teachers from different schools of the Oran state, to attend this Tuesday, March 4, 2015 in Hamou Boutlelis High school.  The workshop was on ‘Designing Tests and Exams Based on  Bloom’s Taxonomy’.


           The workshop started at 8:30 and right from the beginning the mood was established. An introduction to the theme and its objectives was made by Mr Djellouli who started by quoting from John Dewey (1859-1952): “Education shifts from teacher‘s centered to learner’s centered education”. He insisted on the fact that exams had to be as carefully and conscientiously planned as lessons. He stated forth the basis of Bloom’s taxonomy and the workshop officially began. Mr Saha then launched the debate on the definition of “testing” and “assessment” while Mrs Khettou dealt with the cognitive domain of Bloom’s taxonomy. The six levels of this taxonomy were explained in detail. After a short break, Ms Serradj and her colleagues led us to the analysis of our present way of testing based on the official guideline.  She enlightened the mastery vs developmental tasks proposed by teachers while Mrs Khettou summarized for us learning according to Bloom’s theory as being the center towards which three ideas of equal importance converged, namely: assessment, content and objectives. 

            After lunch, various tasks were suggested by our spokesmen and spokeswomen to enrich the existing examiner’s guide. An exhaustive list of activities was given to complete the existing one. Some of them very innovative were welcomed enthusiastically by the audience as a means of improvement for future tests.    

All day long, the teacher-trainers have succeeded in keeping the audience “in haleine” by providing us with an infinite number of information on testing. By exchanging their respective experiences, the teachers present at the seminar   contributed to make of this meeting a real success, pedagogically speaking. We learnt a lot, we also got nearer to Bloom’s theory and improved our knowledge as far as Bloom’s taxonomy (or taxonomies should I say, since it has been revised) is concerned.

           Finally, we have to congratulate and to thank warmly our colleagues and Inspectors for the great work they’ve achieved giving off much of their time to fulfill this interesting workshop.


Last but not least, we are invited to share our future exam papers with our colleagues, teachers and inspectors.


Mrs Malika Allab

Hamou Boutlelis High school

March 2015


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Mrs Hedad:

For sure our colleagues devoted too much time and efforts to prepare this seminare simply because it was a successful work which was able to attract all the teachers' attention.

Thanks a lot for bringing newness and refreshing our minds. Congratulationsfor the good work. 


Thank you so much Mrs.Allab for this comforting feedback.It gives us more energy and a deep breath to do better in future workshops.The team members found it vital to work on this topic at least to raise our colleagues' consciousness that testing is simply another form of teaching that deserves attention and care.i.e.thorough preparation,deep practice,a keen evaluation and planned remedial work.Mr.Saha well stated that some teachers never went beyond correcting tests on WB and giving grades.The next day :"Students ! open your CBs,new page.Write the date.New unit.."They do so as if nothing happened the previous day.On the whole testing as a form of assessment,should be fair.It shouldn't be offensive and hateful to test takers.It should be a friendly test and not a "do it or die test."Teachers shouldnot consider testing as a form of punishment or revenge but as a reward for both the testers and the testees.


Bachir Farah
Congratulations teachers and inspectors

Congratulations teachers and inspectors, you're really showing to newly appointed colleagues, that in education, there's always something new to apply in order to help our learners, why should we retire after 25 years work, that's too early and it's through experience that we can improve and share our methods, good luck

I was a teacher in Algeria and actually I am teaching English in primary schools in Montréal and what I learnt here is that evaluation should be formative and not sommative .It should not make the students in failure .It's the role of the teacher to adapt and make extra sessions to help them.Leave freedom to the teacher ,he is the one who can decide on the way he can give a test to his student

Mrs Sahraoui
Thank you, Mr Djellouli ,thank you the great team. I really appreciated your presentation. Evidently,behind it , a huge work had been done. It was interesting , inspiring 
and motivating. Thank you again.

Outstading presentation! I highly appreciate the research done by the team to make the workshop relevant, applicable and feasible. May we have a follow up workshop on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Dr. Paul's framework next year. Congratulations to the team (inspector and teachers) on their intellectual perseverance, autonomy and integrity.











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